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VACC is the Victorian Automobile Chamber of Commerce.

Formed in 1918, it is the peak automotive industry body in Victoria, representing the interests of more than 5,000 small and medium sized businesses, employing approximately 50,000 Victorians.

VACC members provide key services in the repair, service and retail sectors of the automotive industry. In fact, for anything automotive, deal with your local VACC member, chances are, there’s one just around the corner.

And they’re easy to find too: just look for the distinctive VACC brand on a member's premises – it’s the mark of the motor industry professional.

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Proposed changes to Victoria's roadworthy certificates

In the name of red tape, the Victorian Government is considering changing the roadworthy certificate (RWC) inspection system when a used vehicle is sold or transferred. This could result in 777,000 vehicles being resold without a roadworthy certificate.

VACC strongly opposes changes to the current RWC process. This is not about red tape; this is about vehicle safety.

Read more about VACC's campaign.



 Amendments to VACC's Constitution


The amendments to VACC's Constitution considered and approved by an Extraordinary General Meeting of Members on 27 November 2013, had been endorsed by the Fair Work Commission.

The amended Constitution can be accessed here.

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Events & Campaigns

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