Corporate Social Responsibility

VACC takes its corporate social responsibility seriously. In its 97 years of industry advocacy VACC has continually extended its association and member goals, to ensure benefits have flowed into local communities. 

VACC and its 5000 members have supported schools, vocational training facilities, charities, sporting clubs and individuals in pursuing the building of local communities and assisting those who need help. Currently VACC is engaged in a range of social initiatives and local development that include:

  • Mentoring and stewardship of training for over 440 automotive
    apprentices including the provision of VACC-funded Life Skills training.
  • A VACC-funded national program to provide training equipment to schools, private vocational training institutions and TAFE colleges.
  • Annual financial support to Variety – the Children's Charity.

  • Support for Camp Quality, creating better lives for children with cancer.

VACC and its members provide this assistance proudly and in the knowledge that this work strengthens the resilience of our youth and our local communities.