Industry Report

A new landmark report into the condition of Australia’s automotive industry and what lies ahead is now available. The report titled Directions in Australia’s Automotive Industry 2017 was produced by VACC in partnership with state/territory Motor Trades Associations.

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The report provides detailed insight into key sectors of the automotive industry and answers key questions including:

  • Will the industry endure and in what form after the end of car manufacturing?
  • How important is the automotive industry to the Australian economy?
  • What trends are impacting on key sectors of the automotive industry?
  • Where is the industry headed over the next few years?
  • How can automotive businesses prepare for the future?

The report is a must read for all automotive businesses seeking to know what lies ahead over the next three years for the industry and their business.

Cost is: $90.00 for VACC/MTA members (includes GST, postage & handling). Non-member price is $309.00 (incl. GST, postage & handling).