Industry Skills Councils

Training package development had been undertaken by the twelve Industry Skills Councils (ISCs) funded on an annual rate under a three-year contract with the Commonwealth. The ISCs had an exclusive mandate to codify the skills and training needs into the training package format. This model will cease from 30 June 2015.

In response to this, the Government is implementing a contestable model to training package development and maintenance to improve the responsiveness of qualifications to industry needs. This will enable other representatives of industry other than the ISCs to contribute to training package development.

ISCs play an integral role in enabling an industry-led training system. ISCs are an important infrastructure that allows industry to contribute to VET through training package development and industry intelligence via environmental scans which assist in strategic planning over skills requirements.

Auto Skills Australia (ASA) was formed in December 2010 in response to the growing need for an organisation that would represent the interests of automotive training and industry representation. It is our view that ASA represents a strong collective voice from industry representatives in matters relating to automotive training standards. Its continuation is vital to facilitate industry engagement and support.


  • ASA should continue to retain the exclusive right to develop and maintain training packages for the automotive industry.
  • ASA should continue to develop the Environmental Scan which provides industry and ASA with the necessary intelligence to forward plan strategic training package and policy reform.
  • The new contestable model must be supported by industry and it must be flexible enough to respond in a timely manner to advances in technology and skill needs.

18 June 2015