VACC Executive Board

The Executive Board is the key strategy, governance and leadership body for the Victorian Automobile Chamber of Commerce (VACC). 

The Executive Board works with VACC senior management to ensure the association delivers on its constituted objectives and for the formation of VACC's forward-looking strategies.

The Executive Board is made up of nine members who have been nominated by their industry divisions and, where required, have been elected by the broader VACC membership. The Board sits for a term of two years, after which nominations for Board roles begin again.

Elected members can sit for more than one term on the Board, and this includes its Chairman (VACC President), Vice Chairman and Secretary.   

The Executive Board meets eight times each year.

VACC Executive Board members 

Fury Bortolotto
Service Station and Convenience Store Division
Diamond Creek Self Serve

Vice President
Mark Awramenko

Automobile Repairers Division
Highton Automotive Services

Chris Hummer

Victorian Tyre Dealers Division
Dynamic Wheel Co. Pty Ltd

Immediate Past President
Tony Sanchez
Automotive Electrical Division
ALS Automotive

Peter Savige
Used Car Traders Division
Hilton Motor Company

Paul Bertoli
Farm and Industrial Machinery Dealers Association
Bertoli Farm Machinery

Tony Sitch
General Division
AJ & SM Nominees Pty Ltd

Michael Grubb
Tasmanian Automobile Chamber of Commerce
Specialist Auto Hobart

Geoff Gwilym
VACC Chief Executive Officer 



Max Kirwan OAM

Joe Shneider OAM

Perce Makin

Russell Stuckey

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