Mission and goals

VACC mission statement

The mission of VACC is to be an influential automotive industry association and to support and advance member businesses.

VACC goals:

  • Be an efficient and effective employer association capable of meeting the legitimate business needs of members.
  • Seek to raise public profile in order to effectively promote member interests with consumers, governments and regulators.
  • Be recognised as an independent and legitimate employer organisation voicing the interests of the motor industry.
  • Monitor industry trends and take appropriate actions in order to assist members to respond to change.
  • Continuously seek to shape the future direction of the automotive industry.
  • Capitalise on relevant information technology and technical solutions for the benefit of the organisation and members.
  • Increasingly become a provider of national services to the retail automotive industry.
  • Enter into strategic alliances with diligently assessed partners that are able to assist VACC to achieve its goals.
  • Develop a skilled, informed, and customer-focused workforce, attuned to member needs and comfortable with change.
  • Continue to reduce reliance on the Special Capital Fund.