Women in Automotive

It is important to recognise and celebrate women in the automotive industry.

Women’s achievements are significant in our industry. You will see women who day-to-day steer family or their own automotive businesses and many who work as tradespeople, technical advisors, drivers, administrators, salespeople and in other professional roles. Everywhere you look there is a woman who is in some way building and contributing to a business in our industry.

In so many ways women and their achievements go unseen purely because automotive is still predominantly a male industry. It is a challenge for industry that there is a significant group of people who offer so much, but largely go unrecognised.

Lack of representation is just one issue that the automotive industry has inherited from the past. We are a highly technical and forward thinking sector in so many ways and this needs to be communicated both within the industry and beyond. We need to pay attention to the issues that hold the industry back and not accept them as given.

The WinA team has eyes firmly fixed on the future.

We believe that women are important; that many businesses in the industry support, promote and provide opportunities to women but overall, this is not seen to be done and the industry is poorer as a result.

This is why WinA chooses to recognise and celebrate the women of the automotive industry: we publish profiles of women from automotive businesses, we develop careers with education and scholarships, we provide opportunities for communication and we hold interesting and fun events too.

To find out more about Women in Automotive, please see the Women In Automotive website.