Electricity Buying Group

The VACC Electricity Buying Group (EBG) has been operating successfully for over 10 years. Many of our members have benefited from lower prices and contracts offering greater protection.

The EBG uses collective bargaining to contain cost and other contract pressures for individual members. Please note, this initiative applies to business sites.

How to determine your annual electricity consumption

As most electricity accounts relate to a quarterly period, your total annual consumption can typically be determined by adding up your peak and off-peak consumption as shown on one of your bills and then multiplying this total kWh by 4. Should you be billed monthly for your electricity, you will need to multiply by 12.

Consumption greater than 40,000 kWh per quarter, or a bill value of approximately $2,500 per site per month?

The VACC-negotiated deal offers members a distinct advantage not only in the energy pricing, (cents per kWh), but also in the many variations to the retailer's standard contract terms and conditions