Parts supply survey

16 February 2021

Parts production and supply chains have been impacted significantly by COVID-19 and after meeting with the Department of Industry, a sector snapshot has been requested – focussing on the supply chain issues members are currently experiencing. Subsequently, VACC has launched a survey in order to capture the necessary data to advocate for better conditions.

Take survey: Parts supply chain issues survey

Closes Friday, 19 February 2021 at 5pm.

Any member affected by a parts supply shortage, resulting in prolonged repairs and customer wait times, is urged to participate in the two-minute survey.

VACC has received numerous member calls due to concerns related to the supply of automotive parts from international and local sources. This is attributed partially to ad-hoc state border closures, supply chains being disrupted, workers staying at home, and factory closures throughout the pandemic.

Once feedback is gathered and analysed, VACC will liaise further with the Australian Government and other industry stakeholders in a bid to alleviate the pressures being caused at the import and distribution level. The data will also be made available to members.

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