Recycling associations sign historic MoC

18 September

The Auto Recycling Associations of Australia, United Kingdom, United States, and Malaysia have signed a historic agreement to increase collaboration, cooperation, and communications – in order to provide a united global voice for the automotive recycling industry.

Motor Trades Association of Australia (MTAA) and the Auto Parts and Recyclers Association of Australia (APRAA) initiated the Memorandum of Cooperation (MoC) between organisations.

The Auto Recycling Associations of Canada, New Zealand, Japan, and others are currently considering becoming signatories to the MoC.

Already, participating international auto recycling associations have provided intelligence, statistics, and identified issues confronting automotive recycling and associated businesses in each jurisdiction, as well as other information on the global automotive market impacting the industry.

The associations are also sharing briefings on Electric Vehicle (EV) dismantling, and associated safety issues and overall occupational health and safety requirements for automotive recycler professionals.

Signatories to the MoC have agreed to improve global collaboration, cooperation, and communication on significant matters common to all jurisdictions including:

  • Increasing engagement and recognition by Original Equipment Manufacturers, other automotive market participants and regulators to the critical importance of global auto recycling industry in vehicle recalls
  • Maintaining high-quality, consistent training and education specific to auto recyclers
  • Increasing public, government and automotive industry awareness of auto recycling
  • Global harmonisation of standards where practicable and appropriate
  • Improved sharing of information and resources between global recycling industry associations
  • Provision of fair, reasonable and equitable access to OEM data including parts identification
  • Global and harmonised approach to dealing with non-licensed, non-qualified, unprofessional operators
  • Creating a unified approach to dismantling and recycling of electric vehicles and other propulsion systems on the recycling industry.

MTAA CEO and APRAA spokesman, Richard Dudley said the signing of the MoC was the start of a new global voice for the auto recycling industry, one that will directly assist hundreds of auto recycling business members across Australia.

“We are working hard to obtain an End-of-Life Vehicle policy, and regulations that will harmonise and improve Australia’s treatment of more than 700,000 vehicles coming off Australia’s roads each year.

"The MoC and improved access to intelligence and information with kindred auto recycling associations will strengthen our ability to achieve better policy and regulatory outcomes for Australian consumers and auto recycling businesses,” Mr Dudley said.

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