A Grade Automotive Network


The A Grade Automotive Network (AGAN) is a network of independent automotive businesses that are dedicated to providing you a better quality experience across all aspects of vehicle maintenance and repairs. Including mechanical, electrical, accident repairs and a range of specialist repairers, AGAN participating businesses are committed to ensuring your vehicle is as important to them as it is to you.


The safety and reliability of your car is paramount. As vehicle owners we are reliant on our vehicles to safely transport ourselves and our families every day. You can trust an AGAN participant with your vehicle.

Where possible, participating businesses may offer loan cars, local pick-up and delivery, or VACC Roadside Service; all with your convenience in mind.

All participants are contractually bound and VACC certified to meet customer service, training and equipment standards. An audit process ensures that all AGAN participants continue to maintain these requirements. AGAN is committed to raising standards and remaining a leader of the automotive industry.

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