Free OHS Assessments – Book now

Calling small and medium sized business owners!

Apply for a free health and safety assessment today, including tailored advice from an experienced VACC Occupational Health, Safety and Environment (OHSE) team member.

What's the benefit for a business owner?

By choosing to participate in this program a business is already on the right track to manage the safety of employees – and security of the business. VACC's OHSE professionals will go through a business' needs and provide practical advice on how to comply with obligations.

Additionally, businesses are supplied with a safety report, to assist owners in moving forward post-assessment. A follow up visit is also organised, to gauge how well recommendations are being implemented. 

Why choose VACC?

The VACC OHSE Unit is led by a team of qualified OHSE professionals, all with vast experience in the automotive industry.

Furthermore, the Unit has over 18 years experience performing OHS assessments and audits at member workplaces throughout Victoria. This has produced a wealth of knowledge and experience in the typical hazards found in an automotive workplace, as well as an understanding of practical solutions that are available to manage these hazards.

What does it cost?

This service is completely free of charge as it is government funded.

How to apply?

3 simple ways for a member to apply:

  1. Notify local area manager
  2. Contact the VACC OHSE Unit directly on 03 9829 1265 or via email
  3. Enrol online via the Worksafe website – selecting VACC as the relevant member association

All OHS assessments are strictly confidential, so take the opportunity to improve the safety in your business today.