Roadside Service

VACC’s Roadside Service is a customer loyalty program designed for VACC members who want to offer their valued customers a meaningful reward.

Loyal customers can be presented with a certificate following a service, repair or vehicle sale. The intention of Roadside Service is to generate ongoing repeat business within the six-month or 12-month life of the issued certificate. Roadside Service certificates can also be used as an incentive in gaining approval for additional repairs.

In the event of a breakdown, certificates can be redeemed for assistance with:

  • changing a wheel (flat tyre)
  • a jump start
  • supply of a small amount of fuel (at customer’s cost)
  • a tow

Unlike the range of gifts some members offer when a vehicle is serviced, repaired or sold, this program provides the customer with a bonus product that can save them money. The program is about keeping customers coming back, remembering that it’s easier to keep the customers you have than to find new ones.

Give your customers a reward that gives them peace of mind while keeping them coming back to you.

Learn more about the TACC Roadside Assistance program here.

For more information about the VACC Roadside Service program, email the Member Programs Manager here.