TACC Accredited

The TACC Accredited Repairers are promoted to the community as a group of professionals who deliver quality repairs and services. Many TACC members have elected to participate in the TACC accreditation program which requires them to enter into a contract with TACC to deliver to their customers a more professional level of service. This includes the provision of a warranty and to abide by a consumer advice program managed by TACC and endorsed by the Department of Consumer Affairs and Fair Trading. TACC Accredited Repairers also agree to undergo compliance audits to ensure strict standards, premises, equipment and insurance levels are maintained. The TACC accreditation program currently covers new car dealers, mechanical repairers, body repairers, tyre dealers, auto electricians and engine reconditioners.

Look for the 'TACC Accredited' sign in your local area or contact TACC on (03) 6278 1611 for the location of TACC Accredited members.